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The inspiration behind my journey as a photographer stems from two significant aspects of my life. First and foremost, my older cousin, who is both a genealogist and photographer, has been a profound influence on me. Through her work, I learned the power and importance of freezing time, allowing future generations to experience and connect with the lives and personalities of their ancestors in a tangible way. Witnessing the impact of photography as a means of preserving memories sparked a deep appreciation within me.
However, it was the loss of my mother at a young age that truly underscored the significance of photography in my life. I realized that photographs were the echoes that enabled me to continue seeing and remembering my mother, even though she was no longer physically present. Every cherished moment captured in photographs became a precious connection to her, a way to honor her life and keep her spirit alive.
These experiences have instilled in me a profound understanding of the value of freezing moments in time. Photography has become my way of preserving and celebrating the most important aspects of life—the love, joy, and connections we share. I am driven by the belief that photographs serve as a bridge between the past, present, and future, allowing us to relive and share our stories in a tangible and enduring way.
As a wedding photographer, I bring this deep-rooted appreciation for the power of photography to capture the fleeting moments, the emotions, and the essence of your special day. I am inspired by the opportunity to freeze those irreplaceable moments, creating visual legacies that will be treasured by you and your loved ones for generations to come.

Additionally, I value documenting your life’s events, business developments and brand, while taking the stress out of planning your next shoot.  Let’s start making the images you’ve imagined for your family and business.


Meet the rest of the team!

Donald Zeigler

Photographer & Videographer

"Meet my exceptional partner and brother, the second photographer and videographer who plays a pivotal role in my photography business. With a shared passion for visual storytelling, he adds a unique perspective to our work, enhancing its depth and breadth. Beyond his technical skills, his talent for capturing candid emotions and composing captivating shots elevates our final results. But it's his unwavering support and seamless coordination that truly sets him apart. As siblings, we operate as a cohesive unit, anticipating each other's needs and complementing our strengths. His calming presence and adaptability keep clients at ease. Together, we form an unstoppable team, dedicated to immortalizing cherished memories and telling captivating stories. My brother is not only an integral part of my business but also an irreplaceable pillar of my photographic journey."

Crystal Joseph

Make Up Artist

"Meet my incredible life partner, a makeup artist whose magic wands of brushes breathe new life into the appearance of our clients. Beyond her exceptional skills, she possesses a warm personality that makes everyone feel comfortable, relaxed, and undeniably beautiful. With an eye for detail and mastery of color, she creates captivating looks that perfectly suit individual preferences. Her genuine connection with clients and ability to create a safe space allows them to embrace their unique beauty with confidence. Together, we capture unforgettable moments that reflect both outer beauty and the inner radiance she unveils with her magical touch."

I can't wait to meet you.

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